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Professional One-on-One Personal Fitness Training

Professional One-on-One Personal Fitness Training

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Meet the Master of Bodybuilding Coach Danny Torgl!

Private and Professional One-on-One Training for every and all of your fitness needs and goals imaginable for your life.

I have 44 years of hands-on training experience and have been schooled by the very best in the fitness industry and proven themselves to their clients and around the world.

You get the highest level of fitness training available in the world today, along with nutritional excellence programs, to get you the results you're looking for.

Danny Torgl the Master of Body Sculpting

Over 43 years of Professional Fitness Training Excellence at Every Training Level for All Your Individual Needs.

I am an Elite Master Trainer with in-depth experience in all aspects of life, sports, beauty, rehabilitation, body sculpting, competition prep, coaching, weight loss, fat loss, building muscle and reshaping your body to its best possible symmetry.

I Can See Your Fitness Results in My Mind Before You Can Ever Imagine it!

No matter the shape you are currently in or challenges you may have, I can help you achieve the body of your dreams in a minimal time-frame.

Every individual is unique in their own way and I design your body based on your bone structure and your body dynamics presented to me when we go through our preliminary consultation and assessment.

Another important success factor with my program that is really critical to your overall success is to determine how your hormonal levels are truly functioning at optimal levels with the help of my chosen licensed hormone specialist in Temecula California that works with me to make sure that we can get you the overall success we're both looking for.

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Tawnya Torgl

19 March 2021

19 March


I'm on board! Danny was able to tackle my menopausal body, melt the fat and build muscle! Best trainer ever!

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